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Featured Character: Melicia Clawsworthy (857)

The Clawsworthys are an old and distinguished Feline family - though not a rich one: the family fortunes began to decline at the time of the Samerian War about a century and a half ago. Now the ancient family home near Barstow is steadily mouldering, and Melicia, as the seventh of nine children, must make her own way in the world! Melicia is silver tabby, and slightly vain of her looks. She is more concerned with style than fashion, however, and would rather set a trend than follow one. She chooses clothes of good quality cloth with clean lines, but is not ostentatious in her dress. Melicia considers herself to be cultured and sophisticated. She likes good food and wine for their own sake, but doesn't overindulge. She also enjoys music, especially on stringed instruments, and she has a voracious appetite for knowledge. Like most cats, she is generally cool and aloof, and it takes quite a lot to make her really angry. When this does happen, however she (like most cats!) becomes a spitting ball of fur and fury! Melicia is kind hearted, but a little self-absorbed, and not always quick to see others' needs. Really a loner, she has a dry, detatched wit, but she is capable of becoming very fond of those who earn her respect, and is fiercely loyal to her friends.